fine wine importer TERRAVERT Wine can not be judged by its brand. However, HINSEI, is of course, necessary.

Corporate Message

HINSEIWine cannot be judged by its brand.  However, *HINSEI, is of course, necessary.

How should the value of wine be judged?

By it’s brand? It’s price?
Is the value of wine only determined
by those factors?

Our brand, “Terra Vert”
would like to pass on the qualities of fine wine.

We call the wine that we have chosen, fine wine.

However, what is the definition of fine wine?
This question has always been
in the corner of our minds.

And the keyword to which
we finally arrived at was HINSEI.

To begin with, a bottle of wine requires
the involvement of various people before
it is brought to our tables.

First, there is the producer
and then the skillful importer.
Then, there is the distributor,
and then the store which
discerns the quality of the wine.
Finally, there is the person at the restaurant
or the hotel who pours the wine
into the customer’s wine glass.

In this way, a drop of wine is finally delivered
to the customer’s glass.

In other words, it goes without saying that many people
are involved in this small drop of wine.
For this reason, it is important for each and every one
of us to give wine our full attention with HINSEI,
and this was the conclusion to which we arrived at.

At Terra Vert, we devote ourselves throughout
the entire process, from production,
distribution to sales.
It is our hope, at Terra Vert, to move in step,
as well as to collaborate with each of our
related partners.

Without each of our partners’support,
we cannot produce fine wine and we realized
that there is no doubt about this fact.

Those who are fond of wine are often questioned
about their ability to appreciate
and choose things of beauty.
If so, we feel that those who deliver wine must also
be questioned about their HINSEI.

It is the responsibility of this deliverer
to convey happiness to each dining table,
going beyond the boundaries of

It is our strong wish to create delicious memories
in life through a bottle of “Terra Vert.”

Today, another bottle of fine wine is carried
to someone’s dining table, bringing along the rich
and full-flavored aroma,
which remains in the minds of those who taste it.

It is our wish at Terra Vert, to pass on the features
of fine wine, and to never forget - HINSEI.

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Who we are

TERRA VERT is a man made word meaning
“green land”.

Earth, when seen from space is blue,
and under this blue sky there is the“green land”.

Beautiful “green land”, beautiful vineyards,
healthy grapes and fine wine….

We wish to offer you high-quality, beautiful wine (fine wine)
grown on this beautiful “green land” as Terrans.

Company Profile

Company Name
TERRA VERT Corporation
Established Date
February 6th , 2008
Business outline
Importer and sales of premium wine
in Japan.
4-1-31 7F, Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo
350 million yen
Share holder
Kikkoman Corporation 100%
President Yasufumi Kataoka
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